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Quality Gun-Knives-Native American-African-Mayan-Inca-Mexican-Auto Tool-Pocket Watch-Collectible Auction

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Saturday October 7th 2017 @ 10a.m.

Location: 12 Winchester Rd. Farmington, Mo. 63640

Directions: take 67 south to right on Hildebrecht then left on Winchester hills to auction on right.

Guns-Pocket Watches-Collectibles-Indian,Myan,African,Mexican Items Etc.

Texas Carbine(Armi Sport) LAte 1800's Belgian Oct/Barrel 22-Double BArrel 410-16 Early Pocket Watches-Early Auto Wrenches-Cow,Goat,Chicken Bells-5 Hand made Atlatls w/ bone,green glass,Moss Agate,& Obsidian points-Mayan War Axes with Black Obsidian,Soapstone,Obsidian blades-Clay pot Guatemal-Goat skin gourd drums-Gourd bowl with arrow points-Native American and French gourds-Large gourd bowl-Goat skin gourd drum-Clay canoe-Frog pottery-Native American salt & peppers-Inca Star club-Tomahawk with metal head-War club with coral head-War axe with black obsidian blade-Tomahawk with iron blade-War club Taino design-War axe with tiger stripe obsidian blade-Commanche Style war club-Knife with obsidian blade-Gunstock war axe with fiber iptic glass blades-Gunstock war axe with metal blades-Gunstock war axe with iron blades-Warclub-Flat stem piece pipe with soapstone bowl-Flat stem piece pipe with brown soapstone bowl-Piece pipe with Ozark pipestone bowl-Coyote Hand Lance with black obsidian blade-2 flat stem piece pipes with grey soapstone bowls-Flat stem piece pipe with California soapstone bowl-Flat stem piece pipe with Colorado alabaster bowl-Clay pipe with clay bowl-Clay pipe with turtlehead bowl-War club with golden tendrils(RARE)-War club with tiger eye alabaster head-2 war axes with iron blades-Harden Creek Points Found near Frank Clay-10 ceremonial arrows with bone,ducite,glass,red glass,black obsidian,jasper,rainbow obsidian,& obsidian points-6 arrows with steel & Chinese points-Native American flutes-Native American knife with case-PAn pipe-Mexican clay cup-Box turtle rattle-Mayan calendar-Flat bow made of Kentucky coffee bead wood-Sassafras bow-Red oak,Hickory, & Birch bows-Bow of Paduck(African wood)-Jatoba Bow-Osage orange bow and arrow shafts-Bow of Amaranth-Bow of Khaya-Bow of IPA- Wall hanging cherrywood bow-Wall hanging walnut bow-Mayan bamboo spear-Religious "Sacred" Bowl-Gourd doll-Mortise & Pestle-Bone fish hooks-Clay pot-3 leg clay pot-New Guinea bow & Arrow Spear display-South American Bow & Arrow Replication-African Spear replications-African shield made by masai tribe-African decorated gourd & stand 3 spears with iron points,Voodoo Doll-African replicated bow-Wall hanging Mexican throw & eagle shields(2)-Calvary Holster-Old leather holster-Prarie wagon 2 pc chair-Ntive American bug out kit-Tee Pee bow stand-Childs cap & gun & Holster-Sweet potato pipe-Buffalo Horn whistle-7 native American gourds-Small native American spread-Small blanket-Thunder Gourd-Vietnam Crossbow-War Lances-Plus More not listed! You Have to see this collection to believe! Randy Jarvis Has hand made the majority of these items!

A rare chance to purchase unique hand made items along with guns & collectibles!

Seller: Randy Jarvis

Shy Auction Company ( Estate-Farm-Business-Household-Real Estate Auctions ph 573-210-0009

Terms Cash or Good Check!


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